Capil Marhatta: The Sensational Singles Ministry in the South strikes again! The Lord is moving powerfully and we are happy to be following His lead! Our dear brother, Steve Morici (ICCM student) & Andrew Nicholas – a four month old in the faith – have been building a great friendship with Steve’s former co-worker (Ramiro Vasquez) from the Mazda-Lincoln Car Company. They linked up on Facebook a few months ago and Ramiro started checking out the awesome pictures of the Kingdom (many by Lesya who recently moved to Russia), and it sparked Ramiro’s attention. Over time, Steve, Andrew and Ramiro began studying the Bible, and after a few months of examining the Scriptures Ramiro began to see God’s sacred truths. After our Park Service today, Ramiro – an amazing single Dad with two sons – was baptized and now he has become a son of God!

Ramiro's BaptismThe South Brothers and Sisters welcome
Ramiro to God’s Family!