Good News Report – March 29, 2015

Greetings from Los Angeles! During the month of March in the States is the NCAA College Basketball Tournament called “March Madness!” It has that nickname because of all the crazy upsets and unexpected results! So too in the SoldOut Movement, it has been an exhilarating month with amazing unexpected miracles by the Holy Spirit! Since March 8th is the International Women’s Day, in LA and in many of our churches, God blessed us in the month of March with incredible Women’s Days entitled, LET IT GO! Meeting at 11 different sites, the 468 LA Sisters had a phenomenal combined attendance of 1,164!

The Orange County Women’s Day was inspirationally led by Brandyn Speckman!


God blessed the 77 OC Sisters with an amazing attendance of 204!


As well, for Elena & me, March has been a month of celebrations! On the first weekend of March, we drove to Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of Jose & Liz Torres! It was a wedding I’ll always remember because at their wedding reception Jose changed from his tux into a swim suit and baptized his friend Alan Moreno! Afterward, Jose quickly changed back to his wedding clothes, kissed the bride (again), and cut the cake!

Weddings reunite dear friends – Elena McKean and Sonia Gonzalez!

Congratulations to Jose & Liz Torres!
A SoldOut Movement first: At Jose’s (right) wedding reception, he baptizes a dear friend Alan!


The following weekend, Elena spoke at the LA Central Region’s Women’s Day! This was Joan Bartholomew’s first opportunity to lead a Women’s Day in LA, and she did a magnificent job!

For the Central Region’s Women’s Day, the Brothers prepared a scrumptious breakfast!


With the theme LET IT GO, Elena asks the crowd, “How many of you have seen FROZEN?” Then Elena embarrasses her husband by sharing that he’s seen the movie ten times!

The third weekend was the gorgeous wedding of Dennis & Corrina Sloan! The setting was the Oak Canyon Nature Center Amphitheater in Anaheim! Married in the “Cathedral of God” (outside), the new couple radiated their love for each other and their Savior!

The Sloan Wedding was held in the “Cathedral of God!”

Congratulations to Dennis & Corrina Sloan, who will be leading the Santa Barbara Church in two months!

As well, this was the first weekend of the Third Season of the CAICC Basketball League! The comradery of the brothers (and sisters) on each team was evident in their unity! Not only was this a bonding time for each team, but all of the players on different teams bonded as well as each game started with a prayer by a player from both teams!

The first game featured last year’s champions the Bulls (Southland #1) playing the Lakers (AV, North and Ventura Regions)!


Cory Blackwell – “the Silver Fox” – reveals his secret weapon to win back to back championships – his daughter Avrie!
The Bulls narrowly defeat the Lakers!
Coach Chloupek and his star Kyle Bartholomew ready the Cavaliers (West, AMS and Central Regions)!


The Hawks (OC and South Regions) tip off against the Warriors (IE, East and Palm Springs Regions)!

On the second weekend, the Warriors take the Bulls into overtime…but lose!


Coaches Bordieri and Bryant are strategizing with their team – the Clippers (Southland #2)!

So after two compelling weekends of play here are the standings: Bulls 2 – 0, Cavaliers 1 – 1, Hawks 1 – 1, Warriors 1 – 1, Lakers 1 – 1, and the Clippers 0 – 2. Our Scoring leaders are: James Hull (Lakers) 18.5 points per game, Chris Anderson (Bulls) 18 ppg, and Erik Russell (Cavaliers) 16.5 ppg. Our most prolific “3 Point” shooters are: James Hull (Lakers) 3.5 per game, Gavin Proctor (Hawks) 2 pg, and Ivan Lombard (Bulls) 2 pg. Our Rebounding Leaders are: Joe Mejia (Warriors) 8.5 pg, Iggy Odighizuwa (Warriors) 7 pg, and Art Bontan (Clippers) 6.5 pg.

Jason Bond and Miguel Mendez managed the clock and kept the game stats!

The Championship Game is scheduled for Friday night May 1st, so for the City of Angels Church we will not only experience “March Madness” but “April and May Madness” as well!

The CAICC Fans enjoy not only the excitement of the games, but the rich fellowship between regions!

In the midst of a very busy schedule, the LA Disciples have been working very hard! The Lord has blessed our efforts in the first 88 days of 2015 with 128 additions – 106 baptisms, 14 restorations, and eight place memberships! And to God be all the glory!

And now more detailed reports from each of our World Sectors…


Krystal Legarda: “To everyone, everywhere – every race, color, and creed: ‘Peace and prosperity to all! It is my privilege to report to you the gracious miracles that the High God has done for [Orange County].'” (Daniel 4:1-2 MSG) In Orange County, we are in awe of the many great miracles that God has allowed us to witness! This past week, God added five to our number through baptism – Adrian, Jorge, Sandy, Jerry and Gerardo!

We also had a phenomenal Women’s Day as 77 sisters were blessed by God to have a total of 204 women present – nearly two visitors for each disciple in the region! Many women said that it was the best Women’s Day they had ever attended!

The OC Women’s Day featured incredible skits and entertainment!

Another highlight was the Campus Devotional on Friday night! In preparation for Easter, Javier Ochoa led us powerfully through the traditional Jewish Passover meal, paralleling it to our journey as Christians today! We each drank four cups of red communion juice, in remembrance of how God has freed, saved, redeemed and promised to bring us into the Promised Land of Heaven. The meal consisted of matzah, parsley, salt water, applesauce, a boiled egg and lamb – each consumed in remembrance of something different. The matzah (the Passover itself), parsley (the bitterness of slavery or as Christians, our sin); salt water (the tears that were shed because of our sin); applesauce (freedom of oppression); the egg (new life); and lamb (to remember the ultimate sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ)!

Javier serves the Passover Meal!

In addition, we’ve started a friendly Golden Bible Competition! Each week, the three campuses –  UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College and the Teen Ministry – are challenged with tough Bible trivia questions; the winning ministry gets to keep the “Golden Bible” for the week and add custom decorations to it!

The coveted Golden Bible Award!

Today, we kicked off a campaign to get many visitors out to church and commit, not just to Easter Sunday, but for the next two weeks as well! Jermaine Peacock came up with a great “game plan” for our whole region to be unified and moving the same direction for Sunday services, Bible Talks and Midweeks! Luke had Jermaine present it at Leaders Meeting. We are all very excited to bring in the Women’s Day and Easter harvests!

The Speckmans and the Peacocks – dear partners in the gospel!

On a final note, two weeks ago, Scott Kendrick & Lesa Jacks became our newest dating couple!

Congratulations to Scott & Lesa!

Blaise Feumba: “Then Jesus said, ‘Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?'” (John 11:40) The 31 sisters of the North Region believed, worked hard, and saw “the glory of God” during their Women’s Day as they had 121 women in attendance!

The amazing North Region Sisters were blessed by God with an incredible Women’s Day!

My amazing wife preached the Word powerfully with her French accent and moved the hearts of so many women! Please be praying for a plentiful harvest of baptisms in the next couple of weeks!

Patricia Feumba – praised by her husband as, “the most beautiful woman in the universe!”

Also the Campus Ministry has been impacted by the faith of our new Pierce College Campus Leader, Javier HERNANDEZ! In addition to Adam that Javier met and converted last month, Javier also reached out to Isaac and baptized him just two weeks ago, and then this Sunday he baptzied Xavier! After church, he delivered an incredible speech at Leaders Meeting on Faith To Bear Fruit! And to God be the glory!

Cesar Limon: “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household.” (Ephesians 2:19) Grace and peace in abundance from the East! God is good as He has blessed us with six baptisms this month, allowed us to collect about fifty percent of our SPECIAL Missions, and also gave us a great victory for Women’s Day as 22 women had 60 in attendance!

The Women’s Day Speakers – Patrique, Jackie, Monique, Ruth, Andrea and Debbie – all did a fantastic job!

The first to step into the waters of baptism was Tommy who preached the Word at his baptism! As well, after every Follow Up Study, he has been more and more FIRED-UP!

Next up was Yesenia and she has an interesting story on how she was reached out to… Jackie Chavez was at her daughter’s ballet class and when she saw one of the mothers, Yesenia, she felt compelled to share her faith with her but just didn’t. Feeling guilty about not sharing her faith with her, Jackie repented and decided that the next time she sees Yesenia that she would share with her! God gave her an opportunity later that day as they “randomly” bumped into each other at the grocery store and Yesenia gladly said “Yes!” and the rest is history!

The Chavez’s Ballet Ministry was fruitful with Yesenia (second from the right)!

Lastly was the baptism of Martha and Stephanie, foreign exchange students from Mexico, who both came to the United States for a “better” life. What was amazing was that Stephanie was baptized at our Women’s Day and then she was able to baptize Martha just a few days later! They both shared happily that they are no longer Mexicans or Americans but “citizens of God’s people and members of His household!” (Ephesians 2:19) Great to be in the family of God! Much Love!

Stephanie proclaims the great challenge, “The Gospel will reach you next!”

Stephanie who was thinking of Martha as she gave the challenge, is now giving the challenge with her new sister Martha!

Keri Garrido: Greetings from the Central Region! After an incredible Women’s Day, God has blessed us with three additions this March!

Adjoa dances while Erica sings the “Christian version” of LET IT GO!

Joan, Yvette and Lana share very vulnerably and move many hearts!

Of special note, Tiffany was met by Shontia on the Cal State LA Campus, where she studied the Bible every day! Tiffany was extremely excited and eager to get baptized at Women’s Day! However, satanically just the night before Women’s Day while traveling home from Campus Devo, she was suddenly “t-boned” causing her car to roll! Sadly, Tiffany’s car was totaled in the accident. Even though her car was totaled she has an amazing story for years to come as God was not done with her! Tiffany managed to crawl out of her car with a couple scrapes and bruises and was more urgent than ever to make Jesus her Lord and was baptized on Sunday!

Tiffany (third from the right) enters the Kingdom with a couple scrapes and bruises!

Tiffany’s physical family witnessed this miracle and were greatly moved to tears of joy! Please continue to pray for us as many more are studying!

Kwaku Sarkodie: On Valentine’s Day earlier this year, the Marrieds Ministry of the West Region – joined by the Marrieds from the Southland Region – celebrated with lots of food, fun games and dancing at the Lava Lounge in George & Angelica Grima’s building! One of George’s neighbors “happened” to pass by and though unmarried, George invited William Thompson to come in and join in the fun, to which he obliged.

After spending the evening with disciples, George asked William to study the Bible and William said yes enthusiastically! He started studying every day, as well as attending all of the meetings of the body including playing on the “Cavaliers” Basketball Team! Then at the end of Sunday service on March 22nd, William was baptized into Christ to the glory of God! Indeed, the Lord does determine the times and the places!

William enthusiastically embraces becoming a sold-out disciple!

Lance Underhill: In the South Region, we are praising God as He has added nine to our number in the last seven weeks: five baptisms and four restorations!

Cassidy Olmos valliantly led the women at our very first Women’s Day! As one of the many brothers who willingly served, I can tell you it was incredibly victorious! Excitingly, Monica who attended the Women’s Day was baptized this Sunday!

Cassidy leads her very first Women’s Day in a very classy manner!

Brandyn Speckman from the OC was our guest speaker and she did a remarkable job! Erika Bonilla, Carol Castillo, Cameryn Ybarra and her mother, Lynette Ybarra shared so powerfully that even the brothers could not hold back their tears! I was so proud of my wife Connie and all the sisters who gave so much. It was encouraging to see so many mothers there! Praise the Lord!

The South Region Women’s Day Speakers – Cameryn, Carol, Cassidy, Brandyn, Lynette and Erika!

Sonja Chloupek: “IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT LOVE, BOUT THAT LOVE, NO KIDDING!”  from the AMS! What an incredible joy to witness our newest Sister Chantelle Alcover get restored today! This amazing woman is cousin to our dear Burgundie Onekea from the great DC Church. Baptized in Hawaii in 1994, Chantelle sadly left after 10 years…. But we are so very inspired by her decision to get “re-resurrected!”

Susan restores Chantelle to the Lord!

Two also became one this weekend as Anthony & Keshawna Wise are now another wonderful addition to our Marrieds Ministry!

Congratulations to Anthony & Keshawna Wise!

Another miracle happened when Sabrina Machado, a Brazilian native from Rio, made Jesus her Lord! Sabrina was in the acting/hosting industry here in Hollywood for 10 years and recently started a clothing line bravely naming it “BIBLE LA!” Our lovely Heather Harvin reached out to her and Sabrina studied every day, realizing that God was calling her to something much greater!  She is a “magnet” for bringing amazing people to church, using her line and all her talents as a platform to preach the Word! Two days after getting baptized, she invited the sisters over and led her first Bible study with her friend! “SOUL BUSINESS” TRUMPS “Show Business” ANYDAY!!!

Sabrina’s (second from the right) baptism has thrilled all of the AMS Sisters!

Cory Blackwell: “When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of joy… The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!” (Psalm 126:1-3) Greetings from the Southland Family!

On Friday, I celebrated my 52nd birthday. Each year that I live as a disciple for Jesus, there seems to be a deeper reflection and a greater gratitude for His life. When I was a young Christian, God doing “great things” for me meant I would make the NBA, move my family to a better place, and drive a nice car. Today what I consider the “great things” God has done are giving me my salvation, allowing my relationship with my children to heal and grow, to be married to the most awesome woman I know, and to have the gift of a ministry that continues to inspire me and call me higher by their love for God!

I love every person in our region with more love then I know how to express! We are really becoming more and more family. We all have every hope in seeing all our physical families and love ones become Christians. I feel completely responsible for the 350 square miles of South Central LA that God has given us to evangelize! (2 Corinthians 10:13)

So many great things are happening. Today, the Southland Region Chemical Recovery Ministry celebrated its first graduation – our dear brother Chris Anderson!

Chris shares about God working through the CR Ministry!

On the same day, we witnessed another blessing as our brother Cornelius Carrell was added to God’s dynamic Kingdom by baptism! Cornelius was met by our brother Jojo Salazar! “God is doing great things among us!” Another highlight for me was seeing my daughter-in-the-faith Sharnay restored to God!

The highlight of the month of March was our service today! We have been averaging about 200 each Sunday. From the first song until the end you knew God’s presence was in the sanctuary! RD Baker, my longtime friend and partner in building the Middle East, gave a communion that only a seasoned man of God could give.

RD and Cory are ready to return to the rigors of Middle East Missions!

Eric & Jennifer Gayton, our Deacon Couple, gave a contribution that really got our hearts moving for Special Contribution. To top it all off, Chris Bryant gave a very memorable, convicting and life-change message! I am very proud of him as he has fought his way back to spiritual health! Chris is truly a remarkable man and a gifted preacher! “The Lord truly has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”

Jake Ramsier: Hello from the Antelope Valley Region! It’s been an awe-inspiring March! We celebrated a venue-busting Women’s Day: 35 sisters had an attendance of 157 – four guests for every sister! The AV women came together in an incredible way to make the event powerful with a stirring hula performance, vulnerable testimonies, an entertaining but convicting skit, and the theme speech by Lianne Kernan of Toronto! Best of all, so far two ladies have already been inspired to join the Kingdom!

The AV Women’s Day was phenomenal as 35 sisters had 157 in attendance!

In all, we celebrated seven souls added to our AV Family throughout March: five were baptized, one was restored, and one placed membership!

Artine, Edwin and Leila (center from left to right) were baptized Sunday!

Our Campus Interns: Brandon Patolo, Renee Shutt, and our soon-to-be Manila Mission Team planters: Zach Shields, Ariel Butler and RJ Castro are especially to be commended as they have been working tirelessly to bring in the harvest!

Here in the High Desert we are all excited to lift our voices together with our brothers and sisters across the world and call out, “In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God!” (Isaiah 40:3)


Jeremy Ciaramella of Phoenix: Greetings from the “Valley of the Son!” Glory be to our God who blessed us with an amazing Bring Your Neighbor Day this past Sunday with 242 in attendance!

The words of Jesus ring clearly, “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest?’ I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” This past month we have seen an amazing harvest! First of all, our dear sister Louise Hudson was restored to the Lord!

Louise is restored to her “first love!

As well, Bill & Nubian Thompson’s 20 year-old daughter Veronique was baptized earlier this month!

Veronique is overjoyed about her salvation!

 Also from the Central Ministry, two young men were baptized into Christ these past two weeks! Dashawn Tate was an orphan since he can remember and has been surrounded by false doctrine his entire life. It was a joy to see him make Jesus Lord and be baptized! Then Nathaniel Burrola, a young man who is both intense and yet joyful in his zeal for God, was baptized today at our Park Service! To close out our record-breaking park service, our intern Marvell Holder sang a fiery version of Wade In The Water as the church circled around the baptistery just after Nathaniel’s baptism!

God and the Phoenix Church rejoice over Nathaniel’s baptism with singing!

Lastly, another very special moment was seeing our dear sister Nancy Viscichini, baptize her 88 year-old mother (Aaron Viscichini’s grandmother), Betty Brumgard! It was so inspiring to see Sandy, Sharil, and Judy Morris all work together with Amy and Nancy to help Betty come to the convictions about being a disciple and being baptized!

Betty at 88 years old is a baby Christian!

We are very excited about our upcoming Women’s Day and humbly ask for your prayers! Faith, hope and love from your family in the desert!

Sonia Gonzalez: Greetings from the women of the Las Vegas International Christian Church! We had an incredible Women’s Day with 61 in attendance! It was amazing to listen to Shamika Mejia, Lisa Nebeker and Erin Fruithof share about how God’s love gave them the strength to “Let Go” of their pasts and strain toward what is ahead in their lives! (Philippians 3:13).

The Las Vegas Sisters were inspired to remember that they were daughters of God!

We also had the honor and privilege of having Julie Clark from Denver as our guest speaker! She spoke powerfully about how to face life’s challenges and LET IT GO by believing in God’s promises!

Julie and Sonia partnered to lead the incredible Women’s Day in Las Vegas!

Though we have had a very dry beginning of the year, my faithful husband (Victor Gonzalez Sr.) prayed and applied the Bible principle – WHERE THERE IS NO FAITH THERE IS NO MIRACLES! (Mark 6:5) After repentance and God giving us great faith, March was truly a tremendous month for the Las Vegas Church as God gave us six baptisms and one awesome restoration!

This month the Las Vegas Church has been blessed with six baptisms!

However, the best moment of the month for me was that my awesome daughter Liz was married on March 7th to an incredible man of God – Jose Torres! To God be the glory!


Tim Kernan: Greetings from Toronto! It’s been an incredible few weeks here in Toronto! Firstly however, I would like to thank the amazing Antelope Valley Region of the City of Angels Church as well as the Denver and San Francisco Churches for their incredible hospitality to Lianne & I on our recent missionary journeys to these outstanding congregations! We are so grateful for such incredibly edifying and encouraging times!

The Kernans and the Dimitrys “gang up” to build the USA NW Quadrant & Canada World Sector!

Amazing things are happening in Toronto especially the incredible Women’s Day with over one to one visitors! So excitingly Claudes incredible wife Jenny did a marathon weekend of studies after the Women’s Day and was baptized! A fantastic miracle from persecutor to fired-up disciple!

Motivated by the cross, Jenny, like Paul, goes from being a persecutor to a passionate sold-out disciple!

Another equally encouraging miracle has to be the baptism of Kevin Smellie’s son Adam! Adam has seen amazing things happen in his father’s life and chose to follow him as he follows Christ! The whole family here in Toronto was overjoyed to see Adam baptized today! At least twenty members of our former fellowship came out to support Kevin and Adam’s mom Paula for the baptism and there was not a dry eye in the house!

Kevin with his two beloved sons – Adam (right) and Carter (left)!

Also, we are very excited that our very own teen disciple Angelo was selected for the IGNITE Teen Camp and he is so happy to be headed to San Francisco to attend!

Keep praying for us here in Toronto! Eh?

Ricky Challinor of Portland: Greetings from the City of Bridges!!! Just two weeks ago we witnessed an incredible miracle: the baptism of Jaime! Though his wife has been a disciple for a little over a year, and he had seen all three of his daughters be baptized as well as his son-in-law getting baptized, Jaime did not become a disciple. But after seeing the never ending example of his family, Jaime finally surrendered to join them in making Jesus Lord!

Jaime’s baptism is the answer to his entire family’s impossible prayer!

This last Saturday and Sunday, it was great to have Cesar & Debbie Limon in town with “their team” to spy out beautiful Portland, to get to know the church, and to begin our transitioning: We will lead their ministry in LA – the East Region, and Cesar & Debbie will come to Portland to take over our role as church leaders!

Debbie did an incredible job as the guest speaker for the Latin Women’s Day entitled, LIBRE SOY! The church is so grateful and fortunate to have her move here as their Women’s Ministry Leader who is bilingual!

Debbie’s “gentle and quiet spirit” touched the hearts of the women at the Latin Women’s Day!

I’m so proud of my wife as this was the first time she was the speaker for our English Women’s DayLET IT GO! Coleen blew all the women away! I’m so lucky to be married to such an amazing woman! With 55 sisters, there were 153 women at both Women’s Days! 

Megan and Coleen are the “dynamic duo” for the Women’s Ministry in Portland!

Also very encouraging is that we’ve gathered just under 50% of our Missions Contribution Goal! Please continue to pray for Portland that God “rains down” many more miracles!

Stephanie Reed of Eugene: Greetings from Track Town USA! March has been a faith-building month for the church! First, we had our Overseeing Evangelist Jason Dmitry and our awesome World Sector Leader Tim Kernan come visit us and give us the charge to see to it that there is  “complete unity.” We had a MERCY Event lead by our MERCY Coordinator Maddie Hackett where 25 disciples came to help clean up a facility that takes care of women and children who come from abusive homes.

The Eugene MERCY Ambassadors led by Maddie Hackett!

Love is also in the air as our UO Campus Intern Daniel Jouvin started dating Kelsey Reitman, who is part of the Corvalis House Church!

Congratulations to Daniel & Kelsey!

The Lord has also added to our number three baptisms for this month! Our first baptism was Clea who was met by Alex Reitman an Administrative Assistant at Lane Community College. She was a slave to marijuana and alcohol but decided she wanted to be a free woman and live for Jesus!

Clea is so grateful for her new purpose!

Our other two baptisms are Diana and Dejane’ both whom go by “Dee.” Diana was our first Oregon State baptism on Wednesday and Dejane’ another student from OSU was baptized in Carey Jenson’s bath tub!

Please continue to pray for us as our Women’s Day is approaching on April 19th! Love you all!

Jeremiah Clark: Greetings from the Mighty Denver Church! “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.” (Philemon 1:7) It truly has been a refreshing month for the Denver Church! First, it was an honor to have Tim & Lianne Kernan visit the church last week to strengthen, love, and encourage God’s people. Tim preached two of the most powerful sermons that I have ever heard him preach! It is so awesome to be part of a worldwide movement that genuinely loves one another and strives to be “united to the end!”

Also, due to the great work of our Campus Intern Brittany Lukins, our Campus Ministry recently became a recognized club at our Downtown Auraria Campus! This has enabled us to meet at our new church facility, which is downtown and on campus! It is a beautiful and inspiring facility, but maybe most amazing is that we are able to rent the facility and all of our Kids Kingdom rooms for only $75 per day!

Lastly, it was super inspiring to see two more added to our number through the waters of baptism! Ryan & Sheena are a dynamic and powerful married couple that made Jesus their Lord! Ryan, after coming out of the saving waters a new man, was able to then baptize his amazing wife into this new life! To God be the glory!

Ryan & Sheena are united in Christ!

Jacob Beas: Greetings from your family in San Francisco! It truly has been March Madness in the Bay Area! God has blessed the church with 11 additions this month – nine baptisms, one restoration and one place membership! One of the baptisms that we would like to highlight is that of Josh! Josh is a campus student who was met by a sister who was baptized earlier this year in our San Jose House Church. He is an incredible young man who trains for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and has received several awards for his service in the community. It is awesome to see him fighting on the Lord’s side now!

Josh is now “fighting the good fight!”

On top of all this great news, the church also had its Annual Women’s Day and BYND on the same weekend! It was so encouraging to have Tim & Lianne Kernan as our guest speakers for these life-changing events! We are so grateful for their leadership of the NW USA and Canada World Sector!

The dynamic SF Women’s Day Speakers!

Please pray for us as we blast through the SF Membership goal of “100 for the Lord!” To God be all the glory!


Mike Patterson of Gainesville: “Awake, O sleeper and arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5:14 ESV) History was made as we had the privilege to host the First Annual South Quadrant Campus Conference – THE AWAKENING! Over 130 campus students gathered Friday night as we kicked-off the conference with a theme on Awakening The Soul For Revival in Campus Ministry to see the world evangelized! The disciples here in Gainesville were joined by disciples from Dallas, Phoenix, DC, Houston, and Orlando!

Mike & Chenelle enthusiastically welcome everyone to the Campus Conference!

Richie McDonnell preaches to over 130 campus students!

Guest speakers included the Sears of Dallas, the Sullivans of Orlando, the McDonnells of Santa Barbara, Ron Harding of DC, and many more!

The Campus Conference Speakers: The McDonnells, the Sears, Ron Harding, the Pattersons and the Sullivans!

Excitingly, here in Gainesville for the first 13 weeks of the year, we have seen 14 additions to God’s glory! We had a strong start to the year, but a couple weeks before the Campus Conference we had a month drought of baptisms. The Lord moved me one Sunday morning to depart from our Genesis Series for a day and preach a different sermon and afterwards have a time of open confession. Church didn’t end until around 2:00pm as people confessed their sins in tears! The following week, Eugene was restored! Then we had a “Chariot Ride” (gathered those studying the Bible for a gospel presentation) and as a result two UF students were baptized in the middle of that same night – Neal and Janiel!

Then today, Charlee – who attended the “Chariot Ride” as well – was baptized! She is another addition at Tim Le’s work place!

Tim Le rejoices that another one of his co-workers – Charlee – is baptized!

A special thank you for all the churches who sent disciples to our conference! We love you all with the love of the Lord!

Matt Sullivan of Orlando: “When Peter saw this, he said to them: ‘Men of Israel, why does this surprise you? Why do you stare at us as if by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk?… By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.'” (Acts 3:12, 16) So many amazing things have happened this past month yet one conversion captures the heart of what God is doing in Florida!

Natasha was raised in a Muslim home and was born blind. She shared at her baptism that her family did not know how to love her or what to do with a blind child as it seemed a disgrace or weakness. She grew up looking for acceptance and searched for love in many areas especially in drug use and all that came with it. She told us how during the “high” she found a type of happiness that she thought she longed for and of course at the “crash” she was so empty. After religious groups and many attempts to find God, she simply settled. Then in only a way God can, she literally “bumped into” a disciple named Jazzy from the Orlando Church! Amazingly, Jazzy too is blind!

Natasha began visiting Life Talk on campus and was blown away by the love of the disciples! She studied diligently and at her baptism shared, “I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t accepted or loved… I thought maybe I am ugly, but I don’t know because I am blind. Then God directed me to these amazing women! I am so happy to become a true disciple today!”

Jazzy (left) is bearing her first fruit – Natasha – who “bumped into” her! Both are blind, but now they see!

There was not a dry eye in the house as Natasha was given a new family filled with incredible love. God is awesome and truly leads us to open people as we “seek and save the lost!”

Anthony Eckels: Greetings from Houston! The Campus and Singles Ministries have been fired-up since their AWAKENING in Gainesville, Florida this month!

Recently, our new unpaid Campus Intern Kristine Bates met Xeno, a student at the University of Houston who was eager to read and learn the truth. Once the Scriptures enlightened him on the meaning of true religion, Xeno then went and challenged his now former pastor, who oversees 7,000 members in a false doctrine church!  Xeno also shared with people immediately following his Discipleship Study and was able to baptize his good friend Ryan right after coming out of the water!

The Houston Brothers are fired-up as Xeno and Ryan make Jesus Lord!

Both Ryan and Xeno are talented young men and we look forward to seeing them help advance the Kingdom powerfully here in Houston!

Tyler Sears: Greetings and “Howdy Y’all” from Dallas-Fort Worth! These last few weeks have been so much fun for all the disciples here! Two weeks ago, we had 14 disciples drive 17 hours from DFW to Gainesville for the 2015 USA South Quadrant Campus Conference. Needless to say, it was life-changing for all of us that participated!

God moved in the heart of one young woman named Kyndalle, who was baptized during this phenomenal event! Kyndalle studies at North Lake College, which is where Pete Ramirez is a professor and where Lena Ngungu, the daughter of our dear brother in Kinshasa – Mickey Ngungu – studies! Lena and two of our great sisters, Yvette Flores and Deunte Ford, helped study the Bible with Kyndalle.

Kyndalle is the first fruit of the AWAKENING Campus Conference in Gainesville!

Then this last weekend, it was off to Houston for the Marrieds Retreat, wonderfully coordinated by Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels, entitled, THRIVE. I was deeply impacted by the honesty, vulnerability and warmth of all the disciples that taught and shared. Shay & I feel so honored and are filled with joy for the “partnership” we have with all of disciples in the South! Keep us in your prayers!


Michael Williamson: I am so grateful for the London International Christian Church! Our Campus Leader Jurij Zykov is doing an exceptional job with our university students; Yomi Bello preached one of the most convicting sermons at our BT Leaders Meeting against the Koran that I’ve ever heard; Martin & Theresa Scott who moved from Ireland have grown tremendously; Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald are poised to lead the Johannesburg Remnant Group, Carlos & Karla Vargas who moved from Madrid are working on restoring the former Buddhist Monk “Anup,” and my lovely wife has stood by my side as an incredible friend and partner in the gospel! God is awesome!

Earlier this month, we baptized an incredibly talented UCL Masters Engineering student Tolani from Nigeria!

Tolani takes a moment to thank God for his new life!

The following week, we witnessed our first “Singing Baptism” in London! Kahri sang a wonderful original song, Can You Save A Sinner Like Me to the entire congregation just prior to being baptized! Michele & I couldn’t help but reminisce about baptizing our old friend James Haynes Jr. in the birthplace of God’s modern day movement Portland, Oregon! James of course burst into song when it was his time to share about his conversion dubbing him the movement’s first “Singing Baptism!”

Kahri – London’s Singing Baptism!

Church service was phenomenal this Sunday as our fiery Italian prophet Jamal Roul (who at one point was homeless on the streets of London) challenged us all to give our 20X Missions Contro early, as he has already done so himself!

Jamal gives his 20X Missions and challenges everyone in the London Church to do the same!

We were also encouraged to welcome our dear brother Dutch Mathematician Renee Vermaat, who arrived by van Saturday after the long arduous trek from the Netherlands to London. (His wife Anita and son will arrive later this week!) Renee & Anita served as Shepherds in our former fellowship, and are poised to strengthen the London Church greatly. But the highlight for me was watching Renee who was literally standing still – frozen – in the fellowship in tears. When I approached him Renee said, (voice shaking), “I made it back to the Kingdom of God!”

Renee and Menno dream together to plant Amsterdam!

We also restored our brother Ashley Adjai who gave a humble apology to the church as he shared about falling away “in the church.” We are so happy to have this incredibly talented young man back in the Kingdom!

Steve Frasier welcomes Ashley back home to God’s Family!

Finally, we said farewell to our dear sister Michelle Pettit who has stolen the hearts of everyone here in London! She originally was restored from our former fellowship last year and instantly became dear to so many! This weekend marked her last service as she heads to Stockholm, Sweden to join the mission team and of course her boyfriend Erik af Klint!

Michele Pettit (right) is overjoyed to be on the Stockholm Mission Team!

Please continue to pray for our 20X Missions Contribution which will fund the Swedish Mission Team, our Women’s Day next month, and our trip to Manchester as Michele & I will be meeting with a remnant couple that wants to join us! We are family… to the end!


Zhenya Sobolev of Moscow: “Many peoples will come and say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways so that we may walk in His paths.’ The law will go out from Zion, the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 2:3) Privet from Moscow! Anything is possible with God – now the Moscow Church knows it for sure because in March we saw eight baptisms and three restorations!

Janet Kazantseva (back center) joins Sofia Sirotkina (back right) in the Teen Ministry!

Lidiya – through her restoration – joins her daughter and grandaughter in God’s Family!

Just this last week God gave us four of those baptisms – Galia, Ruslan, Vitaliy and Slava!

Our new brothers – Ruslan, Vitaliy and Slava!

Galia is the wife of our brother Maxim. Together they moved from Novosibirsk one year ago to join God’s movement! God softened the heart of Galia and her husband saw his prayers answered in her long awaited baptism!

Galia is moved to become a disciple because of her husband’s stellar Christian example!

Ruslan and Slava will most likely to be instrumental in God’s plan to reach “the ends of the earth!” Both of them came to Moscow from afar… Ruslan is from Tajikistan – the country located in the deep south of the former Soviet Union on the border with Afganistan. Ruslan came out of a very religious Muslim family, but several years ago started to believe in Christ! It took him three years to study the Bible with disciples before his baptism! Thanks be to God who helped him to overcome all the temptations and to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ!

Slava is from Kalmykia – a region in the South of Russia where Buddhism is the major religion! Slava came to Moscow seeking a “better life,” but –  as it often happens – was robbed and left on the street. In despair and “by chance,” he begged our brother Timur to give him some money for food. Timur fed him, let him stay in his house for a while, and started to study the Bble with him. This example of true Christianity shocked Slava so much that he was baptized in a week!

And last but not the least, Vitaliy is a professional dancer. He was invited by his friend Dima who was baptized one week before! They were both in a denominational church and were doing many charity projects. For instance, they were helping children in Uganda to get out of slavery. But inspite of their long tenure in that church, both of them showed true humility while studying the Bible and were baptized into God’s Church: Dima on March 22nd and Vitaliy on March 29th!

Dima is baptized and a week later he is fruitful with Vitaliy!

In closing, God has blessed the Moscow International Christian Church in the first 57 days since its planting with 28 additions – 14 baptisms and 14 restorations!

Elena Kazantseva is restored to the Lord on her birthday!

We love you with all our hearts! And to God be the glory!


NEWS FLASH Nick Winn of Gordon’s Bay: “And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'” (Romans 10:15) On Thursday morning, Andrew & Patrique Smellie arrived in Cape Town, South Africa – a prayer of six years answered!

Nick Winn (center) welcomes Andrew & Patrique Smellie to Cape Town, South Africa!

They booked into the hotel and two hours later Andrew & Patrique were teaching and encouraging the Gordon’s Bay Church! (We’re located about an hour outside Cape Town.)

Friday morning, they both went in bright and early to my place of work, the local primary school in Gordon’s Bay. Andrew did an incredible lesson on teaching the kids on the subject of bullying. His lesson was entitled, Are You Wise Or Foolish?

The rest of the day, we did some sightseeing, but unfortunately could not get to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 18 years, or up Table Mountain due to extremely windy weather. However, it was not all doom and gloom as the Smellies were able to see and pray over the University of Cape Town!

That evening, we went back to the school where we attended an International Food Fair as the Smellies sampled local cuisine; but spiritual food was being shared as we invited people out to Sunday service! On Saturday, we had a wonderful day out at a small farm and Andrew & Patrique had one-on-one time with disciples.

Sunday was the highlight, as our nine disciples saw 39 people attend service and many showed interest in studying the Bible! Andrew preached a great message on getting Jesus’ vision and Patrique did a moving communion message!

The Gordon’s Bay International Christian Church!

Later that day, Patrique met with the woman where she continued teaching on discipling and growing as disciples. The woman were blown away by her humility! During this time, Andrew and I went to Stellenbosch, one of our oldest towns in South Africa where the University of Stellenbosch is located. We reached out to Tristan, the son of one of the disciples and had a great discussion which led to him to study the Bible! The Gordon’s Bay Church is definitely encouraged and strengthened!

On Monday, Andrew, Patrique and I fly to Johannesburg – my home town – to “spy out the land” for the coming of the remnant group in the Fall of 2015 and the planting of the Johannesburg ICC in the Summer of 2016! And to God be the glory!

Andrew Smellie adds: Greetings from the Motherland of Africa! After leaving Los Angeles on Tuesday night, we traveled 11 hours to London and had a nine hour layover there! This was good as this time enabled us to connect with Michael Williamson and Jacques Groenewald, who will be leading the remnant group in Johannesburg in the Fall of this year! From there we had a 12 hour flight to Cape Town, which allowed us to finally arrive in South Africa on Thursday morning!

We were warmly greeted at the airport by Nick Winn, the leader of the GBICC Remnant Group, who was converted by RD Baker in 1999 in Bahrain – which is in the heart of the Middle East! Nick rose up and became the leader of the Bahrain Church before returning to Johannesburg and finally Cape Town. After having some authentic South African “pot pies,” we traveled to Gordon’s Bay (one of three towns of the Helderberg Region – suburbs of Cape Town) and got ready for Midweek with the Gordon’s Bay ICC! Patrique & I shared our lives and I preached to the valiant disciples there about the importance of glorifying God through our discipling relationships!

Andrew preaching at the Gordon’s Bay ICC!

Early Friday morning, I had the opportunity to speak about the dangers of bullying to the 250 students (ages 7-10 years old) at Nick’s workplace – Gordon’s Bay Primary School – where he serves as the sports coach… The kids all love him!

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to build family and spend quality time with the remnant group as we went camping near Helderberg Mountain and saw the beautiful vineyards of Cape Town! We learned how to “braai” (pronounced “bry” – a South African BBQ), as well as play cricket and rugby! Nick says I’m a quick learner… Maybe it’s in my genes because my Dad was a cricket coach in the British Army and played for the team!

Sunday was incredible preaching to so many South Africans who love God’s Word so much! On Monday, we take the two hour flight to Johannesburg!

Johannesburg, South Africa will be planted in the Summer of 2016!

The words of Revelation 14:6 ring in my ears as we also prepare for the first ever African Missions Conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on June 26-28th of this year! Please pray for the eternal gospel to be proclaimed to “every nation, tribe, language and people” throughout Africa! And to God be all the glory!

Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of French-speaking Africa: “The people living in darkness have seen a great light!” (Isaiah 9:2) The Lord is gathering a new Remnant Group of sold-out disciples in Douala, the economic capital of the Republic of Cameroon! Cameroon is the leading economy of the six nations of Central Africa with 22 million people!

The Douala International Christian Church!

Benjamin, the former Administrator of our former fellowship, and his wife Monique lead this new congregation! Amadou Sountoura, the Lead Evangelist of the Abidjan ICC in Ivory Coast traveled to Douala to help establish this new Remnant Group, who had 25 in attendance that Sunday!

Benjamin & Monique Mpah – the Douala Church Leaders!

They had their first baptism yesterday, a sister named Marie!

Benjamin baptizing Marie – the first baptism of the Douala Remnant Group!


Please pray for this seed of faith to grow and fill the country of Cameroon with sold-out disciples!

Micky Ngungu: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo! The fields are indeed white for harvest in Kinshasa as the Lord added to our number this month: 17 additions – 14 baptisms (six brothers and eight sisters) and three restorations!

Mimi and Dadou – two new sisters of the amazing 17 additions!

As well by His grace, Jarlene, married to our bother Heritier, has been restored! On this same occasion, Jarlene presented their baby girl Heritiana to the church!

Micky prays over and dedicates Heritiana to the Lord!

The entire service’s vibe was electric! In addition, this Sunday, Tonton Pomabe & Falonne Mavinga were united in the bonds of marriage! In all of this, our God has been greatly glorified!

Congratulations to Tonton & Falonne!


Jared McGee: Greetings from the sold-out disciples in México City! Truly, March has been a historic month for the church here as God has stirred the hearts of many campus students! Six were baptized in just the past three weeks! We also had a grad student from the Law Program at UNAM place membership directly from our former fellowship seeking revival!

Vicky joins the growing movement of disciples at UNAM – a university with 324,000 students!

Cristian, an accounting major, makes Jesus Lord!

What is most inspiring for Rachel & I is the potential of leadership in the UNAM Ministry! With 11 students, the different majors that are represented are: Pre-Med, two Law students, a Mechanical Engineer, a Computer Engineer, Physics, Psychology, two Accounting students, International Marketing, and Library Science! It is so exciting to see the formation of a group of young campus zealots that will be able to preach the Word and take the gospel to all of Latín America!

The dynamic UNAM Ministry has more than two for one visitors at their Campus Service!

Please pray that the church in Mexico will continue to “solidify, unify and multiply!”

Raul Moreno of Sao Paulo: “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) Greetings my dear Brothers and Sisters! The Lord added to our number Stefanie, who is a campus student at USP, and Luciana who is a great fired-up Single for the Lord!

Stefanie (above) and Lucia (below) are both adored by the SP Sisters!

Also, Alex was baptized! He is an awesome Single and was met by our brother Marcio. The way Marcio meet him was very bold! As it turns out, Marcio was at a Park Service and he saw a group of about 20 people talking and having a good time. Marcio boldly invited all of them, and Alex responded and the rest is history! God blesses our boldness for Jesus!

Marcio’s (right) boldness in reaching out to Alex is an example for us all!

Carlos Mejia: “I myself will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number.” (Jeremiah 23:3)

We are so grateful to God here in Santiago as we recently witnessed the restoration of a dear friend and brother, Guillermo Huesca! Guillermo was the co-anchor with Elena McKean of the ICOC’s Spanish-speaking KNN (Kingdom News Network)! He was also a full-time minister in the Los Angeles ICOC. Sadly, Guillermo for the past few years had stopped attending church. However, Guillermo came to Santiago from Mexico for our 2015 CSA Missions Conference! The love of the disciples reminded him of the Kingdom of God that “he was baptized into!” Since the conference, he fought to rekindle his relationship with God, heal old wounds, and humbly ask forgiveness. God heard our prayers as Guillermo was restored to the Kingdom of God!

Albert, Jose, Guillermo and Carlos were all disciples in the old AMS Region of the LA ICOC!

The Santiago Singles Ministry had their first Camping Retreat led by one of our awesome region leaders, Jose Andres & Pilar Vargas!

Jose Andres & Pilar extend a warm welcome at the Singles Retreat!

The theme of the retreat was La Union Hace La Fuerza. God blessed the unity of the ministry with the addition of our new brother Ronald Lopez, who is a Colombian! During his studies, Ronald shared about not speaking to his parents for 12 years. However, he was so moved by the Scriptures that he called his parents and restored their relationship and soon after that he was baptized!

Ronald rejoices at being set free from all the sins that enslaved him!

Another baptism was Sylvia Galvez – Alejandra Anuch’s aunt! For a long time, Alejandra had been praying that her aunt would visit Santiago so that she could come to know Christ. God answered Alejandra’s prayers as Sylvia came to Santiago to visit her family for a couple of days… And God moves in mysterious ways because Sylvia broke her foot and was asked by her doctor to get rest and not travel for the next few weeks!!! The sisters were excited to fill her rest time with studies!!! Given the “extra time” by God, Sylvia decided to make Jesus Lord and was baptized!

Please be praying for our Special Missions Contribution and our move to Mexico! To God be the glory!


Joe Willis: Greetings from a very excited Sydney Church Family! It was an amazing weekend as we hosted Kyle & Joan Bartholomew, our second guest speakers since the church started in February 2014! The Bartholomews flew into Sydney on their way to Manila to set up the mission team there.

The Bartholomews are welcomed to Sydney with a tasty Chinese meal!

We had our best service to date on Sunday with 67 in attendance, exactly one year since our very first baptism!

Kyle preaches to 67 – a record attendance for the Sydney Church!

Please pray for us as this has been a much needed “boost” to our efforts this year with many new friends out at church and people studying the Bible!

Terra Utter: Aloha from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii! “For they refreshed my spirit and yours also. Such men deserve recognition.” (1 Corinthians 16:18) Despite all that Satan throws at us including a lava flow, we want to introduce an amazing new sister Cheylee, that has brought a refreshed spirit to the hearts of the disciples! The love, encouragement and example of her cousin Kristlynn helped Cheylee to make the most important decision of her life – to make Jesus her Lord!

Kristlynn helps Cheylee to know God! 

Women’s Day 2015 was an amazing success as 23 female disciples had 70 friends and family joining us for our first “Re-fash Fashion Show,” great food of course, awesome entertainment and an amazing lesson from Mary Santos from Honolulu!

The Hilo Women’s Day was fun for the disciples and quite moving for their visitors!


Sivanna’s heart was transformed as she studied out the Word of God! Being a “Kingdom Kid,” Sivanna had “heard it all!” Her mother Joy has been a faithful disciple for over 23 years, and she did the best she could to “train her child in the way she should go.” But this time Sivanna allowed the Bible to penetrate her heart, and the LORD did an amazing work in her life! Sivanna made some very tough decisions – including getting herself out of a sinful living situation – and once she proved her repentance by her deeds (Acts 26:20), she was baptized into Christ in front of her whole physical family and her new family in Christ! And now the father of her children is studying the Bible to become a disciple!!!

Sivanna (center) is a “Kingdom Kid” who becomes God’s daughter!

Women’s Day 2015 was a tremendous success for the HICC! The sisters did an amazing job of organizing the event, and 27 sisters brought out SEVENTY-TWO WOMEN (72) to our Women’s Day 2015!!!

Mary Santos delivered a rousing message at the Honolulu Women’s Day!

Please keep the Islands – especially The Hawaii 5-0 Project, our 5 Year Plan to plant FIVE CHURCHES over the next FIVE years – in your prayers!!!


Ron Harding: Greetings from Washington DC! It’s exciting to see the church embracing the upcoming changes and gearing up for a fruitful Spring! Right before leaving for the Campus Retreat in Gainesville, we were privileged to see Morgan, a University of Maryland student, baptized into Christ! She first studied last year and walked away because she did not like how she was confronted with the truth. But, the truth kept eating away at her! However, when she went back and studied everything out and saw how “far off her former church was,” she came home!

When Morgan returned, my 68 year old mother, Judy Harding, took on another daughter, helping Morgan through all of her studies! Morgan brought her mother and sister to service and shared powerfully before her baptism how she had found the church in the Bible and that her new church is “THE KINGDOM!!”

Morgan finds the Kingdom!

Morgan’s family and the entire congregation left impacted! To God be all the glory!

Maria Franklin: “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” (Psalm 18:2) Greetings from the amazing city of Chicago! We have had an incredible month of March!

God has encouraged us and unified us through several visitors from all around the Kingdom as well as three additions through baptism: Javier, Max and Veronica!

Veronica experiences “a peace that passes understanding” at her baptism!

A very special remnant couple – Harvey & Nanette Weber – visited us all the way from Toronto, Canada! We were refreshed and encouraged as the only reason they came was to express how grateful they are for the Chicago Church as we helped support them before the Toronto ICC was planted. They are so dear to our hearts! Then Joel & Courtney Parlour from the Great Syracuse Church came to lead our Campus Weekend.

Joel & Courtney Parlour (center) visit Chicago the same weekend as Joel’s parents – Roger & Kama (right)!

Then finally, we were honored to have the Kirchners visit us from the Mighty LA Church! They encouraged us with a powerful contribution message reminding us of the unity required to evangelize the world in our generation! It was also bittersweet that it was announced that Nick & Jacque Economo have been asked to move to Los Angeles to assist the Kirchners as a World Sector Administration Couple!

The Economos (right) will serve as a World Sector Administration Couple!

On that same day, the church was buzzing with excitement as our very own Carl Buckner from the Awesome New York City Church passionately preached the Word! Love is in the air as we are excited to announce the engagement of Jarrett & Amelia!!

Congratulations to Jarrett & Amelia!

Pray for us, as we pray for you, to have an amazing Easter Service that will lead to a bountiful harvest in April! We love you all!

Joel Parlour: “The Lord made His people very fruitful…” (Psalm 105:24) God is truly good to the Mighty Syracuse Church! By the grace of God, in the past three weeks, we have seen seven additions to the church: three baptisms, three restorations and a special person placing membership!

I wanted to make note of a hero in the faith, Dave Fergot, who placed membership with us today! Dave was one of the disciples on the original church planting to Syracuse in 1993 as a single from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was here that he met and married the second baptism of that original mission team – Ticia!

Together, they established great careers, raised two awesome boys, had a beautiful house, and ALWAYS put the Kingdom first! Self admittedly, over time, Syracuse was becoming “too comfortable” for them and in order to “stay on the edge” they decided to do something radical for God that they hadn’t done in twenty years… move out of Syracuse! In 2013, Dave and his family moved to encourage and strengthen the San Francisco Church! But then, after many months of prayer and advice, they decided to move to be a part of the church in Gainseville with Mike & Chenelle Patterson!

Everywhere they go, God uses the Fergots to be fruitful and effective! While in Florida they baptized their son Sam! Then God opened doors for God to use them to help convert the parents of Sam’s discipling partner! Recently, facing some serious financial hardship, Dave started to apply for jobs in many cities wherever we have a church. Low and behold, God had an amazing plan as He opened wide a door in Syracuse for the Fergots to come full circle and return with a phenomenal new career! Today, Dave was warmly welcomed back into the Syracuse Church where his family will be joining him in the summer from Gainesville! (Thank you Gainesville Church!)

Dear Brothers of many years – Bob Thomas and Dave Fergot (right)!

We are so inspired by their perseverance to faithfully trust in God’s invisible plan! God has already strengthened the church by Dave’s presence and we know the Fergots will do greater things than ever before!

Chris Broom of New York City: One of the greatest highlights of March was our Campus Sunday! It was truly one of the most excellent and inspiring Campus Sundays I have seen in my 25 years in the Kingdom! I am so proud of Mike & Brittany Underhill, who lead the Campus Ministry, as well as our Campus Interns; Carl, Tracy, Aaron and Sharmayne! They are all doing a tremednous job!

Carl Buckner and Tracy Shelbrack – Interns for the NYC Church – share Good News at Campus Sunday!

There were so many new guests! Not only was it one of our largest attendances at 200, but the spirit of the fellowship and the singing was incredible and some of the special performances moved me to tears! Mike Underhill delivered an incredible sermon on the healing of the demon-possessed man from Mark 5 entitled, The Hope For Our Future and two more campus women made Jesus the Lord of their lives and were baptized!

Finally, this past Friday morning in Central Park, our Campus Ministry witnessed its 10th addition of the semester, the baptism of Cesar Valencia, an incredible 20 year-old Columbian student at City College! Our Guatemalan brother, Manuel Santiago, met Cesar! As they studied together, Cesar’s heart fell more and more deeply in love with God’s Word! It was inspiring to see Cesar learn to trust God with his whole heart and “lean not on his own understanding!” He even rearranged his whole work schedule to “seek first His Kingdom!” To God be the glory!

Cesar is baptized on a cold rainy morning in Central Park, but he is on fire for the Lord!

Debs Rajan of Chennai: Women empowerment has become a big issue in every Indian woman’s mind. Statistics show that the total number of female children not enrolled in primary or secondary education is 6.11 million! If a family is financially hurting, the preference for education naturally goes to the male child. Our Women’s Day theme was MAKEOVER, as we truly wanted every woman who came to have a “makeover of their hearts!” Vandana, our Shepherdess, entertained the women with creative games, and the powerful testimonies of Meena and Ujen cut their hearts!

The Speakers – Pamela, Debs and Meena – all shared powerfully about how God has transformed their lives!

The message, about Jesus giving the bleeding woman a social, physical and spiritual makeover gave hope to many of the women! Some of the responses were, “We need to have more of such programs;” “I want to change my life;” and “I want to know more about Jesus,” which was from a Muslim girl!

Among the women who attended, we had Amelya who works as a Human Resources Manager. The sudden loss of her father, two years ago was unbearable and she stopped attending church. She was pressurized from her family to be married to a man whom she did not love, but who was willing to help them financially. She came with deep sadness in her heart but God’s Word gave her hope and boldness to face the situation and she was baptized!

Amelya (white) has found courage through the Holy Spirit!

We also had Mary a Zoology graduate and Anthony an IT professional get baptized!  

Mary (center blue) has become part of a true sisterhood!

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel through your prayers and financial sacrifices!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: This month is so exciting, but as you have read there are sacrifices that we all must make to spread the Word around the world! That said, the evangelization of the nations is no longer a dream, but it is happening! Of the 12 Crown of Thorns Cities first targeted in 2009, Manila is the ninth planting! Lord willing, Johannesburg will be our 10th Crown of Thorns City planted in 2016!

As well, recently plans have been made for Cory & Jee Blackwell to “spy out the Middle East” to determine which city that the Lord has chosen for the “pillar church” for the Middle East World Sector. Our preliminary target of Cairo now seems unwise with the civil unrest in Egypt. Therefore, Lord willing, the 11th Crown of Thorns City  which will be in the Middle East  will be planted in 2016 as well!

As you have read about in earlier Good News Emails, the 12th and last Crown of Thorns Target is Hong Kong  the gateway to the 1.3 billion lost souls in China! Already the Sydney Church has eight Chinese members of the team training in Sydney! Pray that God will do even more than we ask or imagine” as this last Crown of Thorns planting is set for 2017!

Lord willing, by 2017 Hong Kong – the last Crown
of Thorns City – will be planted!

“Now to Him who is able to establish you by my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ… but now revealed and made known by the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God, so that all nations might believe and obey Him – to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen!” (Romans 16:25-27)

Much love,