October 6th

Greetings from Ventura! The Lord blessed us with two more baptisms today – Amber and Stephanie! Amber is a Ventura College student, and Stephanie is the best friend of Monique who was baptized three weeks ago! This gives us eight baptisms in the last three weeks! We began 2013 with 31 disciples in the Ventura Region and now very excitingly, as of today, the Lord has grown the region to 62 sold-out disciples, which is exactly double! God has done so much “more than we could ask or imagine!”

Ventura’s radiant spiritual twins –
Amber and Stephanie!

Also, we are proud to announce that AJ Penedo of the Southland Region and CL Salamanca of the Ventura Region are now dating! AJ came up for an open mic event last night and asked CL to be his girlfriend in a song that he sang! Please keep us in your prayers!

AJ & CL step out as LA’s newest dating couple!
– Luke Speckman