September 22nd

 Greetings from beautiful Ventura!! God has done“immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine!” This week, we witnessed Michael, Cassandra, Monique and Jacob saved through the waters of baptism!

It all began earlier this month when I met a young man at Ventura College named Michael and set up a Bible study. However, he didn’t show up to the study even though he confirmed the day before! He also changed his phone number! A week later, the brothers and I went to study The Cross with Bobby (who was baptized two weeks ago), and Bobby invited his friend to his Bible study! This friend “just happened” to be the same Michael who I met at Ventura College!! Immediately upon walking in, Michael realized he was busted and God was calling him!

Bobby hung out with disciples and did Bible studies every day for 12 consecutive days, and in spite of his challenging and troubled past, he was baptized into Christ on Wednesday! During his studies, Michael invited his ex-girlfriend Kassandra to church. She studied the Bible every day and was also baptized on Wednesday!

Our awesome intern Jennifer Habib met Monique at Ventura College last Thursday. Monique studied every day, sometimes twice a day and on Wednesday she too was baptized!

The Ventura Region’s triplets – Michael, Kassie,
Monique – baptized Wednesday!

Monique, invited her friend Jacob to her first Sunday service with us last week. Jacob began Bible studies with the brothers that day, and everyday thereafter attended every event he could (including Leaders Meeting, Campus Devo, First Principles, & three Bible Talks!) and today he was baptized into Christ!

Jacob (third from right) rejoices with the Ventura
Brothers who studied with him!
– Luke Speckman