September 29th

Greetings from Ventura! Today was our incredible International Sunday Service where several disciples and visitors alike dressed in varying cultural garbs! Our service began with a welcome in nine different languages! Then Luke preached an incredible message – that moved many to tears – to our record attendance of 109 with standing room only in the back! Concluding our service, we witnessed two modern day miracles with the baptisms of Cherie and her 16 year old son Jason!

With Dave Swann towering over them, Cherie and
Jason – mother and son – stand united
as sister and brother in Christ!

After church, we finished the day with an International Potluck Lunch and live entertainment – “AMS style!” What an amazing day it has been!

Lastly, we are honored and excited to announce the pregnancy of Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell! We are so proud of the McDonnells and all the work they are doing in Santa Barbara, and to think that the Santa Barbara Planting is only three months away! Please keep them and the entire Ventura Region in your prayers!

In God’s arithmetic, one plus one equals three!

– Brandyn Speckman