September 2nd

 My wife & I want to thank Luke & Brandyn Speckman for the incredible training we have received in Phoenix and Los Angeles! It has been awesome planting the newest sector of the LA Church, which Lord willing, will become an official church planting in January 2014! This week was incredible as we finished our campaign for the Santa Barbara City College, rated the number one community college in America by the Aspen Institute! It started with daily prayer at 6AM, and concluded with a visitor-packed “Back to School Party” with an attendance of 25! Amazingly, all of the visitors are set-up to study the Bible this week!

Luke & Brandyn Speckman have been
extremely effective in training many
for the Full-time Ministry!

All this hard work bore fruit this week as we had our first two baptisms: Alex Flurry on Tuesday night and Cameron Forbes on Sunday! Alex is an incredibly talented UCSB graduate student, pursuing a Master’s in Mathematics. He graduated high school at 15, graduated Stanford at 19, worked at Yahoo for a couple of years before deciding to go back to school, as well as teaching undergraduate math classes. Alex came from a Scientology background with almost no knowledge of Jesus, and in just under three months came to faith in Jesus, and completely opened up his heart to the fellowship and has become one of the most thoughtful brothers!

Alex is the first baptism of the new
Santa Barbara Sector!

Cameron is an awesome carpenter living in the student populated area known as Isla Vista, that was met through our tagging efforts! He overcame a challenging past and was baptized today on the beach of one of the most wicked areas of the whole Santa Barbara County – Del Playa! It is the ocean front street that is infamous for its flagrant sin and today God placed a ray of shining light there, as Cameron’s sins were washed away in the Pacific Ocean! Love you all and thank you for your many prayers! 

The Santa Barbara Brothers have “big expectations”
of Cameron since, like Jesus, he is a carpenter!
– Richie McDonnell