Spiritual Triplets!

Greetings from the Central Region! Today we saw three incredible young souls added to God’s Kingdom through the waters of baptism! First, we baptized Enrique who is a student at ELAC and has a dream to one day study at UNAM in Mexico City to become a doctor! After studying the Bible, Enrique was overjoyed to learn that as a disciple he can also be a doctor for those who are sick spiritually!

Secondly, we saw Michael, who made the decision a week and a half ago after his first Bible study, to apply the same effort to his Bible studies as his school work as he is a 4.0 student! Staying true to his word, he studied every day until he got right with God! Lastly, Yvette an incredible teenager – whose parents Nelson & Dina are both disciples – decided that she was done fighting against God and is now determined to fight for God. Please pray for us as many more are on the way!



The Central Region’s spiritual triplets – Michael,
Yvette and Enrique!