The 2015 GLC Lifestream

Greetings from Los Angeles! “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” (Proverbs 25:25) We are excited to announce that on July 31 through August 2, 2015, we will be hosting another historic Livestream Event: The 2015 Global Leadership Conference! The schedule will begin at 9AM (Pacific Coast Time) on Friday, July 31st with the exciting opening video for the 2015 GLC! Indeed Friday and Saturday will be filled with incredible messages and miracles!

The 2015 GLC – SAVIOR OF THE WORLD – is just 11 days away!

Of special note for the Saturday Evening Session will be MERCY Night!Not only will Nick & Denise Bordieri – our new fulltime Directors of MERCYworldwide – give an exciting overview of MERCY’s extraordinary global efforts, but we are asking every disciple that is a GLC participant to wear their green MERCY t-shirt! This will remind us not only that every disciple in the SoldOut Movement is a MERCY Ambassador, but it will help us all to envision our unique “unity” as God’s movement! (John 17:17-20)

Every SoldOut Movement Disciple is a MERCY Ambassador! On Saturday night every GLC participant will wear their green MERCY t-shirts as a sign of unity among the churches!

Another highlight of the entire weekend will be the Sunday Worship Service where we will witness the Third Annual Commencement of the International College of Christian Ministries, Tim Kernan’s closing sermon – Do You Truly Love Me, and the send-off of the Sacramento and Stockholm Mission Teams! Joining us at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel will be our sister churches in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Barbara!

On Sunday as well will be the Kingdom Appointments of Rebecca Rico – Valedictorian of the ICCM Class of 2015 – and Amadou & Angele Sountoura, the Lead Ministry Couple for the newly planted Abidjan (Ivory Coast) International Christian Church! (At the Abidjan Inaugural Service – just this past Sunday, July 19th – 116 disciples had 303 in attendance!)

The vivacious fellowship of the Abidjan ICC!
The Abidjan Church Leaders – Amadou & Angele Sountoura – will be appointed at the 2015 GLC!

To enjoy this momentous event, the 2015 GLC can be viewed in three ways:

  1. From your personal computer at or
  2. From the ROKU Streaming Media Player on your TV and be sure to download the Livestream Plugin.
  3. If you are on the go you can download the Livestream App on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for the iPhone/iPad.

For Livestream Support requests, please first see the Support Section on @ may subscribe to the CAICC Channel using your Facebook account or personal email. In this way, you can stay in the loop about all upcoming Livestream Events and Features.The CyberMinsitry and the Livestream Production Team is here to help you, when you just can’t figure it out! In those cases, don’t be discouraged! Please email us Provide details and how to best contact you immediately and we will have someone get back to you shortly!

Alex, AJ and Mario – “the AV guys” – propelled the gospel through Livestream to bring the 2014 GLC to 52 nations!

Also, we are building into the Livestream new and cutting-edge media concepts! This year, excitingly Princeton George will be “hosting” and Jason Bond will be directing the interviews during the Evening General Sessions and the Sunday Church Service!

At the 2014 GLC there were just under 2,000 for the Sunday Worship Service! In 2015 even more will be gathered to embrace the vision to evangelize the nations in this generation!

I would like to close by thanking Alex Rohde – our Livestream Director for the CAICC ( – and our entire Global Internet Ministry for allowing us to witness the modern day miracle of the gathering of disciples from so many nations around the world! See you on July 31st!

“We are family… To the end!”